[License-review] Please rename "Free Public License-1.0.0" to 0BSD.

Rob Landley rob at landley.net
Wed Sep 26 11:37:53 UTC 2018

Last year there was a discussion of Github adopting 0BSD, which was derailed by
the name confusion.


That thread contains a discussion between myself (who uses 0BSD in toybox and
got SPDX approval under the original name) and the person who sent the license
to OSI under a different name after SPDX had already approved 0BSD.

Unfortunately, due to the name confusion, Github took no action on the request.
Similarly wikipedia reproduces this confusion in its
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain_equivalent_license page. There are
multiple other examples of this negatively impacting the adoption of the license.

I copied my two contributions to the above github thread to my blog, with
slightly cleaned up formatting. They explain the issue at length:



I also spoke to one of OSI's board members (I forget who, he had black hair?) at
linuxconf.au a year ago, who suggested I take it up with the board. How do I do


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