[License-review] 0BSD Status (was Re: License Committee report)

Richard Fontana richard.fontana at opensource.org
Wed Nov 14 09:57:14 UTC 2018

On Tue, Nov 13, 2018 at 12:10:23PM -0500, Christopher Sean Morrison wrote:

> Related, it’s been 20 days since the last comment on the request to
> officially rename FPL to 0BSD.  It’s been 48 days since the request
> was submitted.  There seems to be consensus and discussion seems to
> have quiesced, or at least I don’t believe any dissent has been
> vocalized once all questions were answered.
> Can the change proceed or is a board vote required?  It’s been noted
> by several that this rename request is in unprecedented procedural
> territory.  I would appreciate knowing for my own planning and
> usage.

As indicated in a separate posting, the OSI board voted to change the
name of the FPL -- not to "0BSD" (which continues to be the SPDX
identifier for the license) but rather to "Zero-Clause BSD". If the
license comes to be popularly or informally referred to as "0BSD", so
be it.

The OSI decided to make the name change despite the *lack* of
consensus. While several people on the list supported the renaming, a
number of people raised concerns once it was pointed out that the
license is a derivative of the ISC license and bears no particular
textual similarity to licenses in the BSD family.


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