[License-review] ESA-PL Weak 2.3

Carsten Gerlach cgerlach at tcilaw.de
Sun May 6 13:47:53 UTC 2018

On 03.03.2018 01:18, Bruce Perens wrote:
> 3.1 Copyleft Clause.
> All Distribution of the Software and/or Modifications, as Source Code or
> Object Code, must be, as a whole, either under (a) the terms of this
> License or the ESA-PL Strong Copyleft license *v2.2* or (b) any later
> version of these Licenses unless the Software is expressly Distributed
> only under a specific version of the License by a Contributor or (c) the
> terms of a compatible license as listed in Appendix A to this License.
> Any obligation in this License to Distribute under the terms of this
> License, in particular as set out in Sec. 3.2, shall be construed as
> referring to “this License or a compatible license”.
> Do you really mean v2.3 here?

Yes, it should read v2.3.

> 3.2.4 _Combinations_. You may create a Modification (the “Combination”)
> by combining or linking the Software or Modifications thereof (the
> “Covered Code”) with additional code or software (the “External Code”)
> not governed by the terms of this License and Distribute the Combination
> - in Object Code form under any license terms, and/or
> - *in Source Code form the External Code’s Source Code* under any
> license terms
> and the Covered Code’s Source Code under this License,
> It would read better as "in Source Code form *with *the External Code’s
> Source Code under any license terms"

Yes, I agree.

Kind regards, Carsten

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