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Smith, McCoy mccoy.smith at intel.com
Tue Jun 19 22:36:04 UTC 2018

Was there a consensus on L0-R?
It's been a while, but most of the consensus seemed to me to be neutral to negative.  There were those that raised the issue of whether it failed the OSD (I did, at least on earlier drafts, I think Bruce did too).  Plus lots of comments about the drafting (although the license was revised at least once), and about the wisdom of the model (and whether wisdom of the model ought to be something to consider during review & approval).
There were a lot of comments, and the license changed over the course of the comments, so (absent some nifty tool) it is a bit hard to see where the consensus -- if any -- landed, or in what direction it was heading.

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Hi Kyle,

The intention is to wait for consensus, but then it won't always be possible for everyone to entirely agree. I don't know the exact circumstances you're thinking of, but sometimes there are dissenting opinions, and so we consider all opinions in the review.

Keep in mind, that the ultimate responsibility of the board is to determine whether a license satisfies the OSD. So, we aren't just considering the opinions expressed on the list, we're also evaluating those opinions against a defined standard.

I can't imagine there will ever be a time where the mailing list reaches consensus to approve a license that doesn't satisfy the OSD, but if it did, the board would still have to reject the license or request changes before they could approve it.


On 06/19/2018 02:16 PM, Kyle Mitchell wrote:
> Allison,
> Your note on board-requested changes was very welcome!
> Might the board also clarify _when_ it will consider a license and 
> potentially issue requests or suggestions?
> As far as I know, the board never considered L0-R.  I was told it 
> would not, unless and until license-review achieved consensus.  For 
> other submissions, the board seems to have taken a decision while 
> discussion was ongoing.
> Many thanks,
> K

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