[License-review] Support for SSPL v2

Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Wed Dec 19 02:30:13 UTC 2018

On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 5:58 PM Greg Luck <greg at hazelcast.com> wrote:

> If OSI or another standards body fails to solve this problem with a
> general, community accepted license, which keeps open source as we know it
> but restricts service wrapping, then there will be plethora of new custom
> licenses where each open source software vendor solves the problem for
> themselves.

OSI can not "solve" this problem without changing the definition of Open
Source or stepping outside of the territory of Open Source to create a new
commercial licensing paradigm. They can't do that. I *can* do that, and
will help gratis - as I have already helped other attorneys - as long as
you promise to avoid conflict with Open Source. That means you call it
something else, and that you acknowledge the difference between your
licensing and Open Source. Have your attorney write to me.

We must remain cognizant that "Open Source companies" remain in the
minority of Open Source developers. Most Open Source developers do not wish
to make any revenue from their software, but use it to enable another
business or non-profit activity. Those folks might welcome having their
software adopted by a service provider.

> I predict the majority of popular open source infrastructure software will
> have defensive measures in place in the next year, all with custom licenses.

Actually, it would not be the majority of Open Source infrastructure
software. It would be the minority produced by companies which wish to
directly gain revenue from that software. This is not the paradigm behind
the production of most Open Source.

> Which will require the use of a lawyer to use that software, create
> commercial uncertainty and be a major friction in the use of what has been
> open source software.

Which will not be OSI or Open Source's problem. You create this problem by
leaving the tent.


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