[License-review] For Approval: License Zero Reciprocal Public License

Simon Phipps webmink at opensource.org
Tue Oct 24 23:02:27 UTC 2017

Hi Kyle,

On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 12:15 AM, Kyle Mitchell <kyle at kemitchell.com> wrote:
> OSI license approval is presented, publicly, as approval of
> license terms under OSD.

... in the context of OSI's mission. It has never been seperate.

> If the license approval process applies
> uncodified policy objectives in addition to OSD, my
> recommendation remains to acknowledge that transparently,

Sorry, the OSI Mission is not a "policy objective" but rather a
conditioning context.

> at
> least on the public process webpage, and to solicit help
> codifying the policy objectives, as needed.

OSI does not have a goal of increasing the gaming surface. Extensive
crafting of new rules in this area seems improbable to me.

> Back to L0-R, of course I am happy to address policy
> concerns, in addition to OSD issues.  I think I have, though
> it takes more work in communication, and can feel a bit
> rudderless without common, written ground to start from.
> I've also taken pains to ask others to help me tell when
> we're talking policy, and when we're talking OSD.  It's come
> up a lot.

Here's a potential diagnostic question for you. Do you believe LO-R will be
identified by FSF as a Free Software License? I don't recall you mentioning
that so far.



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