[License-review] Some more comments on NOSA 2.0

Love Nystrom love.nystrom at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 06:59:22 UTC 2016

A penny to the pot...

On 2016-03-24 04.04, Richard Fontana wrote:
> 2 ...
> A. Subject to, and, so long as You comply with, the terms and
> conditions of this Agreement, the Government hereby grants permission
> to You to use civil servant authored U.S. Government Work (17 U.S.C. §
> 105) portions of the Subject Software, if any, in the United States.

"in the United States" ... That can't be right, can it?
Should export restrictions, if any, really be applicable to open source 
software ?
That would make it "half open" at best.

IMHO, deleting that particular regional limitation would be better.

// Neo

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