[License-review] META: license review tracking (was Re: Outstanding license submissions)

Josh berkus josh at postgresql.org
Tue Mar 22 16:53:25 UTC 2016

On 02/04/2016 07:58 AM, Richard Fontana wrote:
>> A couple years ago at the OSI summit in DC, I think it was Patrick
>> > that announced proposals could be submitted to OSI to fund
>> > infrastructure projects.  Perhaps this should be utilized, to ensure
>> > license review infrastructure actually gets set up.  I'd be happy to
>> > champion a write-up -- progress really needs to be more consistent.
> I don't think the issue with NOSA 2.0 is really an *infrastructure*
> issue, except in that mailing list discussion may be an insufficiently
> suitable form of scrutiny of a relatively complex license like NOSA
> 2.0. 

I think that Christopher was referring to proposals to adopt
annotation-friendly online platform for review instead of email.  Such a
platform would make it easier both for the committee and for submitters
to keep track of license review and comments.

For example *as a member of the committee*, I was under the impression
that we'd cleared NOSA and forwarded it to the board.  I had no idea it
was still being debated, since there was no activity and my personal
objections had been addressed.

--Josh Berkus

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