[License-review] Outstanding license submissions

Christopher Sean Morrison brlcad at mac.com
Fri Mar 18 21:50:38 UTC 2016

> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 21:00:55 -0400
> From: Richard Fontana <fontana at opensource.org>
> To: License submissions for OSI review <license-review at opensource.org>
> Subject: Re: [License-review] Outstanding license submissions
> On Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 03:50:14PM +0000, Tzeng, Nigel H. wrote:
>> Richard, my personal opinion is either get the broad support to require
>> patent grants as OSD 11 or stop holding up a copyright license for years
>> because of related but separate IP concerns.  Especially one that is
>> categorized as a special purpose license anyway.
> The possible issue here is not the absence of patent grants in
> general, but rather discriminatory imposition of patent licensing
> requirements (arguably in violation of OSD 5).

I raised this same discriminatory issue regarding Oracle’s UPL, yet the response then was that neither granting nor denying patent rights has any bearing on OSD conformance.  I still disagree but the point stands that if it didn’t matter for UPL, I’m not sure why it should matter here.


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