[License-review] Approval: BSD + Patent License

Carlo Piana osi-review at piana.eu
Thu Jan 21 08:49:51 UTC 2016

On 21/01/2016 00:38, John Cowan wrote:
> Smith, McCoy scripsit:
>> [S]o I don't believe FSF designation is required before OSI approval.
> No, of course not.  But if the whole purpose of the license is GPLv2
> compatibility, and the FSF is considered the judge of that (ultimately
> the judge of that is an actual judge, of course), then it makes sense
> to ask the FSF what it thinks, so that the OSI can determine if the
> license does what it says on the tin before approving it.

On the other hand, however authoritative, FSF's is an opinion rather
than an established fact, as our friend Larry has been keen on noting.
Leaving disagreement on past occurrences and frictions -- incidentally I
find FSF's position accurate, but then again it's my opinion -- I think
this point is correct.

I think that the license, once the nuances are cleared, has its own
merit as it attempts to clarify an ambiguity created with the shifting
of the legal framework. If it's compatible AND acknowledged so by FSF,
all much better. But since it's not copyleft (at this stage of my
analysis), I believe there is little proliferation damage compared to



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