[License-review] For Legacy Approval: TOPPERS License

Yutaka MATSUBARA yutaka at ertl.jp
Mon Sep 14 17:32:03 UTC 2015

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the results.

The approval process for International License seems to be 
complicated, but I'll try to do it.

> In the license-review discussion it was not fully clear (and is not
> fully clear from examination of the TOPPERS project website[1])
> whether the operative license for the project thus far has been the
> English-language license submitted for legacy approval (though
> twice-amended in the course of license-review discussion), or a
> Japanese-language original of which the submitted English-language
> text is an official (from the project's perspective) translation, or
> perhaps both.

 From the TOPPERS project's perspective, both of the submitted 
English-language license and the Japanese-language license are official.

> We ask the license submitter to clarify whether there is a
> Japanese-language license that governs (exclusively or otherwise) the
> TOPPERS project. If so, we ask the license submitter to seek approval
> for that license as an 'International License' in accordance with the
> proposed procedure outlined by Mike Milinkovich on license-discuss
> back in June:
> https://lists.opensource.org/pipermail/license-discuss/2015-June/001857.html
> One concern here is that we wouldn't want to approve an English
> language version of a license (even if 'official') if there is also an
> official non-English counterpart license that has not specifically
> undergone OSI review, because of the potential for confusion and the
> possibility of substantive deviation from the Japanese-language
> license text. It is conceivable that examination of the
> non-English-language license would result in a conclusion that it is
> not OSD-conformant even if there was also a conclusion that the
> submitted English-language license is OSD-conformant.

I understood your discussions and concerns about international 
licenses. According to the International License approval process, we 
would like to prepare and submit an affidavit for the TOPPERS License.

May I have some questions about this?

- Do you have a format or an example of the affidavit?
- In our case, the translation from Japanese to English has been done 
by the chair of the project and me, a committee member of the project. 
And, the lawyer has been validated the translation. In our affidavit, 
is information (full name, contacts etc.) about the translators is 
enough? Or, information of the layer is needed as well?


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