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When did justification for not using GPL suddenly become a litmus test for new license approval?  I didn't get the memo about there being OSD #11 License submitter must provide justification for not using GPLV3 because they are involved in software for specific endeavors Larry thinks is important.

They want a weak copyleft.  GPLV3 isn't one.  What further justification do you need for not using GPLv3?  They don't need to provide a point by point refutation of your memo.  At most it's "tell us why vanilla MPL isn't satisfactory".

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Hi Greg,

Valid concerns have been raised here and on license-review@ about OSET's attempt to insert a new license into the existing collection for (what we call) invalid reasons. It does not help to have you point repeatedly to your Rationale document and yet refuse to comment specifically on CAVO's.

What don't you like about GPLv3 for election software?  Please answer specifically.

I can assure you that government agencies acquire and use GPL software every day!

I'm adding license-review@ back to this thread so we can all hear your response. If participants here believe that license-discuss@ is a more appropriate venue for this thread, someone please move it there and cut back the other cc's. Thanks.


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Good Morning Larry-
Running into a busy balance of the day here, but with regard to your question, our position is best laid out in our Rationale document, and our recently updated FAQ, both available at www.osetfoundation.org/public-license<http://www.osetfoundation.org/public-license>.
Thanks very much and have a great day.

On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 7:53 AM, Lawrence Rosen <lrosen at rosenlaw.com<mailto:lrosen at rosenlaw.com>> wrote in relevant part:

....- please respond directly to my own rationale memo explaining why GPLv3 is the most appropriate license for elections software. Do you disagree and why?


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