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This discussion has been veering off-topic, and I don’t want to add to that trend.  However, given the number of postings mentioning Mr. Kapor specifically, OSET has been asked to clarify the facts, and I am posting on their behalf to do so.

Mitch Kapor graciously granted seed money to the OSET Foundation (then OSDV Foundation) over 7 years ago.  He has provided no further funding since that time.
Mr Kapor moved on to other projects over 4 years ago.  He is not currently contemplating investing in or donating to any project engaged in electoral technology reform.  Mr. Kapor is not currently an adviser or board member of OSET Foundation, and does not contemplate any on-going engagement with the OSET Foundation.  Due to continued mischaracterization by others of his early support, Mr. Kapor requested that OSET remove references to him on its web site in 2014, and OSET did so.

The current and accurate facts: the OSET Foundation is funded by several philanthropists and grant-making organizations; none of which is affiliated with Mr. Kapor.   This is demonstrated by our IRS filings, which are available upon request to legal at osetfoundation.org<mailto:legal at osetfoundation.org>.

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Maybe there are answers in the sidebar- - What compels someone like Mitch Kapor to create a new license for election systems ?  What compels him to be in the space of "open source "  voting systems to begin with ?   Certainly we assume he has more than  enough money but is it just greed for more ?  Is it the power that comes with pioneering a new license so that he can be the " kingpin " of voting ?  This is the concern of the open source voting pioneer community. OSET has consistently ignored. the open source community and now this new license issue is upon us.  Why would we need a new license rather than use GPLv3 ? .
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