[License-review] Approval Request: Free Public License 1.0.0

Josh Berkus josh at postgresql.org
Wed Sep 2 19:54:55 UTC 2015

On 09/01/2015 06:43 PM, Richard Fontana wrote:
>> We have had two proposals this year involving licenses which allow
>> > stripping the license from downstream copies.  Given that, perhaps this
>> > concept needs to be taken up in a larger venue which can debate the
>> > legal ramifications?  And possibly amend the OSD, if necessary?
> Josh, when you say 'possibly amend the OSD', do you mean amend the OSD
> to clarify that something can be an open source license if it allows
> such license-stripping, or amending the OSD to clarify that open
> source licenses must be minimally restrictive so as to prohibit
> downstream license-stripping? (Or do you mean possibly one or the
> other pending such recommended taking-up in a larger venue?)

The last.

As in, I feel that the OSI board needs to make a decision, and we need
to publish that decision somewhere.  It might not be an amendment to the
OSD, it might be more of a footnote.  But this is a major policy
decision, and I don't feel equipped to make it on this mailing list.

--Josh Berkus

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