[License-review] International Licenses: Québec Free and Open-Source Licence (LiLiQ)

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Fri Dec 11 17:05:31 UTC 2015

Richard Fontana scripsit:

> This would seem to be a counterpart to limitation-of-liability
> provisions in conventional Anglophone software licenses. Is
> "préjudice" equivalent in meaning to damages of any sort, liability of
> any sort, or something else?

It seems to mean rather "harm".  However, this may be a distinction
without a difference, as French law apparently has no generalized concept
of damnum absque injuria (harm without legal wrong), though it does
recognize diminished or absent capacity (minority, lunacy, etc.)
I speak under correction, of course.

IANAL, either French or any other kind.

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