[License-review] Request for approval by license steward: Tidepool Open Access to Health Data Software License

jonathon jonathon.blake at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 05:44:46 UTC 2013

On 10/08/2013 02:43 AM, Lawrence Rosen wrote:
> You speak of open /health data/. Is this compatible with HIPPA and similar laws here and in other countries that protect personally identifiable information (PII)? 

Situation # 1: The individual whose data it is of, wants a copy of
his/her data;

Situation # 2: Researcher publishes a paper whose data, and conclusions,
are completely unexpected, and unpredicted. What license can the raw
data be distributed in, so that third parties can check/verify the data,
but at the same time, protect the identity, and other potentially
damaging things about any specific subject, or group of subjects of the

Tidewater knows where it (the company) wants to go. It simply is unsure
of how to get there.  The first step is determining what "Open Source"
and the Four Freedoms means, in terms of their business solutions.

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