[License-review] New license submission

Thomas Schneider Thomas.Schneider at thsitc.com
Wed May 8 07:47:09 UTC 2013

Hello Chris,

please do *contact me*, the next days, at Thomas.Schneider at thsitc.com.

We are working here on a so called *Fair Share Licence*, with similiar 
issues than You!

Kind regards,
Thomas Schneider, Owner of: www.thsitc.com
Am 08.05.2013 06:57, schrieb Chris Jones:
> I have to admit, I am very disappointed with the reaction that we have
> received from the Open Source Initiative upon submission of our new license.
> As at this stage, I am unsure whether I will allow my Organization to
> modify the license to allow commercial sale of software using The
> Freedom Transfer License (FTL). That is simply not what we set out to
> do. And the Open Source Initiative seems unwilling to be reasonable in
> response to this.
> Paradise Software has the full backing and support of a fellow licensing
> organization. We will continue to take under consideration any other
> necessary changes to the license for the review process to
> commence/continue with the Open Source Initiative. But at this current
> stage, it seems the Open Source Initiative is unwilling to support and
> co-operate with a new license submission and we consider the license
> submission rejected.
> Regards
> Chris Jones

Thomas Schneider, IT Consulting; http://www.thsitc.com; Vienna, Austria, 

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