[License-review] New license submission

Thomas Schneider Thomas.Schneider at thsitc.com
Sat May 4 10:06:47 UTC 2013

Hi John, Chris:

I am currently in the process to release some of my Software *with 
accessible SOURCE-Code* (on my
Projects at www.Kenai.com under a new type of License, called:

Fair Share Licence  (FSL)

The intent of the FSL is, as opposed to the pure OPEN SOURCE Licenses, 
to have a *Fair Share*,
specifically 50 % for the SELLER, and 50 % for the Author (me).

As I did invest many Man-Years, when not Decenniums, into some of those 
I shall want, as the Author, some Money back for all what I did invest 
in Money & Time to develop
these Soft (mainly DB-123: Migration of PL/I and/or COBOL based 
Datatabases from IBM IMS
and/or DL/I, as well as CODASYL compatible Databases to SQL Based 
Systems, as IBM DB2,
Oracle, MySQL, or whatever) and *Porting Procedural Language Based 
Systems, written in
PL/, COBOL. and/or classic Rexx* to a Fully Object Oriented Approach 
(using Java as the Final
Target System))

For the Reference Manual of DB-123 look at www.db-123.com.

A first draft spec of  PP, the Program Porting Machine, You shall find 
in the Company Profile
at my new www.thsitc.com.

I do, by listening this Discussion-List for Years now, *know*, of 
course, that this License Type
shall *Not* be called an *OPEN SOURCE LICENSE*, in the strict term.

Is anybody of you aware, whether their *do exist* similar Licences on 
the Market ?

Kind regards from Vienna, Austria,
Thomas Schneider, IT-Consulting

Am 04.05.2013 08:21, schrieb John Cowan:
> Chris Jones scripsit:
>> I understand this can sound confusing at first. To keep things simple,
>> please understand there are no restrictions under this license as to how
>> the software can be used. However, it can not be sold. Any software or
>> code released under the FTL has to be free and remain free for the
>> entirety of which the software is released under FTL and the license is
>> attached to the software/source code.
> That rules out Open Source at once.  All Open Source software can be
> freely sold, although it can also be distributed without charge by anyone
> in possession of the source code.  Please don't confuse commercial sale
> of code (which we favor) with proprietary control of redistribution
> (which we oppose).

Thomas Schneider, IT Consulting; http://www.thsitc.com; Vienna, Austria, 

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