[License-review] New license submission

Carlo Piana osi-review at piana.eu
Fri May 3 09:22:42 UTC 2013

On 27/04/2013 08:41, Chris Jones wrote:
> My Software Organization has developed a new license highly based off
> the MIT License. We wish to put the new license up for review and
> eventually approved and officially recognized and be used among the free
> and open-source community and user-base.
> The license content and details can be found in the following file:
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/54324208/The%20Freedom%20Transfer%20License%20v1.0.docx
> Regards
> Chris Jones


before entering into much detail as to compatibility, why another slight
variation of the MIT? What are you trying to achieve here that cannot be
achieved with the required inclusion of all copyright notice? Just
because you put it as a "condition"? (I must have already had this
discussion elsewhere)

Beside that, I don't understand how the additional requirement should
apply in practice.

Can you please provide a rationale and why this should pass the
"proliferation" test? So far my opinion is negative, for what it's worth.



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