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Bruce Perens bruce at perens.com
Fri Mar 8 02:46:40 UTC 2013

That paragraph in the OSD is regarding simple aggregation rather than components of a single program.

The problem is that "makes use of" is not clear. Is it part of the same program? Is it a derivative work? Does it just make use of the program in the way a client makes use of a server over a remote connection?

This is sufficient reason for the license to be sent back for rewriting.



Richard Fontana <fontana at sharpeleven.org> wrote:

>On Thu, Mar 07, 2013 at 07:36:03PM +0100, Hadrien G. wrote:
>> Well, I'd like to add the current MOSL draft to this list, since as
>> far as I can tell no one has objected to the current wording for a
>> month :
>I would like to raise a question about something in it:
>> * Redistributions in any form must be accompanied by information on
>> how to obtain complete source code for this software, and any
>> accompanying software that makes use of it. Source code must either
>> be included in the distribution, or be available for no more than
>> the cost of its distribution. For an executable file, complete
>> source code means the source code for all modules it contains, save
>> for modules or files that are typically provided with the operating
>> system on which the executable file runs.
>This is similar to thought subtly different from the Sleepycat
>I would ask the OSI to consider whether this consistent with OSD 9:
>  The license must not place restrictions on other software that is
>  distributed along with the licensed software. For example, the
>  license must not insist that all other programs distributed on the
>  same medium must be open-source software.
>The Sleepycat License may be different because there is a history of
>it being treated as not only FOSS but GPL-compatible. 
> - RF
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