[License-review] License Committee Report - 2013-03-06

Luis Villa luis at tieguy.org
Thu Mar 7 06:45:03 UTC 2013

[After an absence of some time, the board has asked me to resurrect
the formal license committee reports. This is the first one. Comments
and suggestions on format, content, etc. are welcome.]

This email is my report for licenses currently submitted to the OSI.
If anybody disagrees with my assessment of the list's comments or
conclusions, please say so within the next week.

CeCILL 2.1

Submission: http://projects.opensource.org/pipermail/license-review/2012-May/000414.html

Comments: Several clarifying questions were asked, indicating the
license had been read, but no list members challenged the OSD
compliance of the license itself.

Recommend: Approval


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