[License-review] For Approval: NASA Open Source Agreement 2.0

Josh Berkus josh at postgresql.org
Tue Jun 25 03:58:39 UTC 2013

On 06/24/2013 07:49 AM, Karl Fogel wrote:
> Carlo Piana <osi-review at piana.eu> writes:
>> A couple of quick remarks:
>> * Paragraph K (optional) requires the recipient to register themselves
>> as a condition to use the software, and this seems an OSD incompatible
>> requirement to me.
> I thought it only "requests", not requires.  (The language could be
> even more emphatic about how it's merely a request, but it does seem
> pretty unambiguous even as it's currently worded).

Yes, I have to wonder: what does "request" mean in terms of a license?
It seems like it's saying "if you want to", which means that that clause
3.K. is without real force, but I'd like to hear an attorney tell us
what "request" means in legalese.

The para in question:

K. [This paragraph may be included or deleted at the option of the
Government Agency releasing the Original Software.] In an effort to
track usage and maintain accurate records of the Subject Software, You,
upon receipt of the Subject Software, are requested to register with
Government Agency by visiting the website provided above (if any) or by
e-mail to the Point of Contact listed above.  Your name and personal
information shall not be disclosed outside of the Government and its
contractors. Once You make a Derivative Work or Contribution available,
it is requested that You inform Government Agency, through the website
or Point of Contact provided above, how to access the Derivative Work or

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