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Sorry about the excessive archive quotes hope it's not to frowned upon.

Ok I was mistaken as to when it officially went public/opensource.


999-07-03 17:51:45
1999-07-03 17:51:45
SVN revision 5928


First file tagged with a copyright was addhead.c: 264a12b45eea6eaff5c210b5d1655830b0ccca29
+ (C) 1995 AROS - The Amiga Replacement OS

git show 9b362e99fce9e9b8d19824b53ac62d924dc271b7 -- CVSROOT/developers
That's the full list
(as of 2005)

Authorized SVN access list of the AROS Team as of git revision
55ca4898ac585d3fd952a85be7692da8cceff3df, when they approved the
change from MPL 1.0 to MPL 1.1

digulla:Aaron Digulla:digulla at hepe.com:Coordinator
matthias:Matthias Fleischer:fleischr at IZFM.Uni-Stuttgart.DE:Exec, DOS, drivers
pgpeter:Peter Boeckmann:pgpeter at informatik.uni-siegen.de:Sparc, Alpha
iaint:Iain Templeton:iaint at cu-seeme.educ.utas.edu.au:HIDDs, Docs
zino:Peter Bortas:zino at lysator.liu.se:WWW site
mreckt:Martin Recktenwald:mreckt at cscip.uni-sb.de:WWW, layers
ldp:Lennard voor den Dag:ldp at xs4all.nl:Amiga port, layers
quango:Chris Lawrence:quango at socomm.net:Linux/m68k
geert:Geert Uytterhoeven:geert at mercator.cs.kuleuven.ac.be:Linux/m68k
turrican:Kars de Jong:jongk at prac.cs.utwente.nl:misc
nlorentz:Nils Henrik Lorentzen:nlorentz at online.no:GadTools, Asl, input.device
ruppert:Stefan Ruppert:ruppert at informatik.fh-wiesbaden.de:Datatypes
vmc:Harald Frank:support at isdntown.east.de:Amiga port
helios:Martin Steigerwald:Martin-Steigerwald at gmx.net:Beta tester
srittau:Sebastian Rittau:jroger at sky.in-berlin.de:Includes, Gadtools, Docs
laguest:L. A. Guest:L.A.Guest at comp.brad.ac.uk:CLI tools
SDuvan:Johan Alfredsson:d95duvan at dtek.chalmers.se:Commodities
bergers:Stefan Berger:bergers at cip.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de:Math, DOS, Arp
jskov:Jesper Skov:jskov at cs.auc.dk:Linux/m68k
Wez:Wez Furlong:wez at thebrainroom.com:Shell
usul:Stefan Czinczoll:scholle at unidui.uni-duisburg.de:WWW
karcher:John J. Karcher:jkarcher at cynet.net:Slim Binaries
adieb:Adrian Brown:adieb at carmen.murdoch.edu.au:Win95 port
hkiel:Henning Kiel:kiel at student.physik.uni-dortmund.de:Games, Misc
przemek:Przemys³aw Szczygielski:przemek.szczygielski at polkomtel.com.pl:Alpha port
schulz:Michael Schulz:schulz at kki.net.pl:x86 standalone
rodo:Adrian Brown:Support at hamilton.wa.edu.au:Wintel port
stepan:Stefan Reinauer:stepan at home.culture.mipt.ru:
juddc:Christopher D. Judd:juddc at rpi.edu:
frv95tjn:Tommy Johansson:frv95tjn at mds.mdh.se:
pcosta:Paolo Costabel:pcosta at mbox.vol.it:
daniel:Daniel Verite:daniel at brainstorm.eu.org:
mroth:Michael Roth:mroth at inlet.lake.de:
nico:Nico Heinz:nico at fh-konstanz.de:
fasten:Bernhard Fastenrath:fasten at informatik.uni-bonn.de:
jaxom:Thomas Schwarz:Thomas.Schwarz at munich.netsurf.de:
ykoehler:Yannick Koehler:yannick at generation.net:
hansvi:Hans Van Ingelgom:hansvi at igwe1.vub.ac.be:
rycohen:Ross Cohen:rycohen at ACSU.Buffalo.EDU:
chexum:Janos Farkas:chexum at shadow.banki.hu:
morten-h:Morten Holm:morten-h at post3.tele.dk:
rlumley:Robert Lumley:rlumley at telmaron.com:
indy:Sven Drieling:indy at welcome.north.de:
jamesm:James McArthur:jamesm at it.ntu.edu.au:
glauschwuffel:Gregor Goldbach:glauschwuffel at amt.comlink.de:
jamie:Jim Cooper:jamie at interpath.com:
claus:Claus Herrmann:claus at frontgate.phase5.de:
fanciulli:Marco Fanciulli:master at fw.sacis.it:
crayor:Jörg Rebenstorf:crayor at zedat.fu-berlin.de:
gdprete:Gabriele Del Prete:gdprete at tin.it:
mmaso:Milos Masopust:mmaso at ipex.cz:
jhinkle:Joseph M. Hinkle:jhinkle at rockisland.com:
armin:Armin Obersteiner:armin at danbala.ifoer.tuwien.ac.at:
qtech:Joakim Ogren:joakim.ogren at ikab.com:
prohst03:Erhan Bilgili:prohst03 at leon.unimedya.net.tr:
bernie:Bernardo Innocenti:bernie at shock.cosmos.it:
wojcz:Wojciech Czyz:wojcz at elsoft.com.pl:
fsoft:Fabio Rotondo:Fabio.Rotondo at deagostini.it:
tT85.::hmichelo at so-razor.ms.sophia.schneider.fr:
paul:Paul Firth:S-p.m.firth at tees.ac.uk:
vitas:Vitas Povilaitis:vitas at wavemark.com:
bsidhi:Bill Sidhipong:vsidhi at enteract.com:
zeus:Cristiano Contin:zeus77 at dei.unipd.it:
ljessen:Lars S. Jessen:ljessen at post1.netmaster.dk:
le_gurun:Patrice Le Gurun:le_gurun at iu-vannes.fr:
collin:Branko Collin:collin at xs4all.nl:
piso:Paolo Pisati:flag2 at usa.net:
gurut:Giulio Eulisse:gurut at tin.it:
kstaas:Karl Staas:kstaas at harborcom.net:
falemagn:Fabio Alemagna:falemagn at studenti.unina.it:
mchouinard:Mathieu Chouinard:mchouinard at sprint.ca:
pablo:Pawel Kolodziejski:pablo at rudykot.pl:
eirikns:Eirik Nicolai Synnes:eirikns at ifi.uio.no:
phillwooller:Phill Wooller:phillwooller at noelite.freeserve.co.uk:
stegerg:Helmut Steger:georg.steger at rolmail.net:
jadamcze:Jonathan Adamczewski:jadamcze at utas.edu.au:
rmt:Richard Tew:RMT38 at student.canterbury.ac.nz:
teras:Panagiwths Katsaloulis:teras at writeme.com:
aldredmr:Michael Aldred:bluey at amitar.com.au:
jogr0326:Johan Grip:johan.grip at sveg.se.sykes.com:
silver:Ujvary, Bela Istvan:silver at alton.hu:
aard:Aard Keimpema:trantor at bart.nl:
phf:Peter H. Froehlich:phf at acm.org:
AMON:Robert Falk:exec at hem1.passagen.se:
rcdrummond:Richard Drummond:richard.drummond at futurenet.co.uk:
rorytoma:Rory Toma:rorytoma at ix.netcom.com:
cirdan:Troein Carl:carlt at netch.se:
pgoetz:Philippe GOETZ:philippe.goetz at wanadoo.fr:
mjs:Mark Junker:mjs at prg.hannover.sgh-net.de:
mjwoodcock:James Woodcock:jw at cgram.com:
dschauer:Dwight Schauer:dschauer at vcsd.com:
arnold:Thomas Eriksson:brummelufs at hotmail.com:
chodorowski:Adam Chodorowski:adam.chodorowski at bigfoot.com:
MCDan:Daniel Schwill:d.schwill at horizon.ruhr.de:
megabob:Magnani Christophe:magnani at dactyl-buro.fr:
sebauer:Sebastian Bauer:sebauer at t-online.de:
poellman:Markus Poellmann:poellman at informatik.tu-muenchen.de:
starhawk:Mathias Spjuth:f95msp at student.tdb.uu.se:
stefan:Stefan Rieken:StefanRieken at SoftHome.net:
whorfin:Eric Johnson:jwhorfin at pacbell.net:
akuptel:Artur P. Kuptel:nemerle at teleinfo.pb.bialystok.pl:
mkoike:KOIKE Masanori:mkoike at 3ware.co.jp:
sheutlin:Sebastian Heutling:sheutlin at prinz-atm.CS.Uni-Magdeburg.De:
ctagoe:Christopher Tagoe:ct299 at doc.ic.ac.uk:

Original news article quote


Author:	Aaron Digulla
Date:	2000-04-05
More than two weeks since the last update. No, we're not dead :-) Work is still progressing; for example there is now a port of DOpus 4 (see our screenshots page). Many things still don't work but it has been ported in just a couple of hours of work (mostly disabling things in DOpus that AROS doesn't support, yet). Promising, I'd say.

But the more important news is that we finally got the attention of Amiga (mostly because of the efforts of Steve Crietzman of OAF and Gary Peake of Amiga; thanks a lot guys). I'd like to say that's good news but that's not completely clear, yet. The point is that Amiga would like to help us but their lawyers object. :-) Welcome to the wonderful world of business. Currently, we're trying to find a way thought his legal mess which a) doesn't hurt Amie, b) gives AROS room to breathe, c) makes Amigas lawyers happy and d) helps the community. c) seems to be the most problematic point here but we're working on it. Some very interesting ideas have been proposed and now we and Amiga are checking what can be done and what is futile. At this time, just a big thank at Amiga for their openmindedness and the time they spent on this during the last three weeks when they were also really busy with preparing everything for the Amiga 2K show. Just in case you wonder why nothing was announced after fleecys' comment in the IRC conference: The lawyers covered Bill with Red Tape when they wanted to do the announcement. So you have to take my word for it. :-) Hopefully, you can read something in the Executive Summary, soon. No promises, though; this is really ugly and every lawyer asked until now strongly suggested to proceed with extreme care. Oh well...

Something on the more positive front, whatever happenes, the AROS sources will stay available at least under MPL. Also, 4 people already applied for working on AROS. Unfortunately, only one of them can move to Switzerland and that especially unfortunate as my boss has come up with some plans to get this thing going. So please, if you can imagine working on this full time, send your curriculum, etc. toyourievsky at sowatec.com. As a teaser: You will earn at least Sfr 72.000/year (that's about 45.000 Euros) because otherwise, the Swiss Foreignpolice will not allow you to move to Switzerland (basically, the idea is that if we don't need highly trained specialists for that job, we should be able to find someone native for that; good for you in this case). Additional bonus: If this project fails, we can easily find something else for you to do. So no matter what happens, you can rely on having a job. :-)"

An archived history.


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> based didn't exist in 1995. If it existed since 1995 then the project
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