FOR APPROVAL - Python License Changes

josh at josh at
Wed May 25 16:00:39 UTC 2011


Speaking as a user, and not as an attorney, is it really necessary to  
have 3 different licenses for Python?  Not that much of anyone uses  
1.6.1, but users are going to expect even old versions of Python to be  
under the same license as new versions, and be pretty surprised when  
they're not.

If there are legal reasons why you can't reconcile these licenses,  
then at the very least you're going to need an extensive FAQ about it.  
  I'm also not keen on 3 separate licenses from an anti-proliferation  
standpoint.  You can tell people that two of them are depreciated, but  
as a PostgreSQL project member I'll tell you that does no good at all.

I'm sure you've had these discussions on python mailing lists, so if  
you could post a link we could read up and not force you to rehash the  
same arguments.

--Josh Berkus

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