MPL Beta 2 released- please continue informal review

John Cowan cowan at
Tue Mar 29 17:54:24 UTC 2011

Luis Villa scripsit:

> Specifically, in this Beta, GPL compatibility changes from opt-in to
> opt-out; in other words, the default is that MPL is now GPL compatible
> by its own terms (as discussed with Larry last time around, certain
> interpretations of GPL may mean that MPL is always GPL compatible
> regardless of this language; we do not intend for this language to
> change that situation.) 

I think that's fine.

What's not clear to me is what exactly the rights of a Larger Work author
are.  If I want to incorporate Compatible Software into a GPL Larger Work,
I make a GPL-only copy of the Compatible Software under 11.3 and then I
can do it.  Can I instead dual-license the Larger Work under MPL+GPL,
assuming there are no other GPL-only components?

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