Request for Approval -- Chicken Dance License

Andrew Harris tuna at
Fri Mar 25 05:54:49 UTC 2011


I am writing to seek OSI approval and/or constructive criticism for a
license that has been two years in the making, on and off (mostly off). It
is called the Chicken Dance License, and I have finalized version 0.1 today.
The v0.1 license text maybe found at, which is a snapshot of the license
text from its github repo at

>From reading the license proliferation page (note: I had to find a cached
version, seems to be down), I would categorize this one
as 'Miscellaneous'.

The purpose of this license is to make intellectual property far more
entertaining to deal with. Rather than boring old GPL violations or
licensing agreements for GPL software, entertaining video of people doing
the chicken dance is produced. If this was taken to court, CDL violators may
even have to perform the chicken dance retroactively!

We all want fewer lawyers in software, but that isn't always possible. We
might as well dress up the ugly legal side of it all with classic Swiss

You will notice that the license is very BSD-like. I figured this was a good
place to start for the CDL. It's easy to understand and relatively short. Of
note are my fourth clause and the disclaimer I added relieving oneself of
liability from injuries and expenses sustained from performing the chicken

I await your scrutiny.


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