Important for my dissertation: F/LOSS Motivation for programmers

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Thu Jul 28 12:42:17 UTC 2011


I am Onur Meci; Mail Address: <women at>onurmeci at

I am a student in Management of Information systems at LSE ( London School
of Economics). I am writing my dissertation about F/LOSS contributors'
motivation. Therefore i have to make interviews with people who engage with
If you answer many question breifly, i will be very glad.

1- could you give some information about yoursefl, your role in community
and your community?
2-what was your first motivation when you attended firs F/LOSS project?
Right What? and why? ( how was it change? such as first learning after
change with enjoyment)
3-does being hired to F/LOSS work actually destroy internal motivation or
maintain internal motivation?
4-if someone or a firm or a sponsor pay money for your contribution, does it
motivate you more /or less ?
5-do you think motivation in F/LOSS same with motivation in sport and art ?
(artist and player)
6-what is the affect of economical gainings for internal motivation? such as
does money motivated more or does money increase the demand of contribution
7- does any different type of lincense impact the motivation ?

thank you in advance for everything

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