New OSL for "official Intelligence"

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Thank you for the fast responses.

I do have a mission statement and a set of goals that I wish to achieve, I
will send you the summary and white paper in the next few days.

As for a custom OSL I think that the standard formats that have been created
to cover myself and others that wish to get involved for their own
aspirations and life goals I am game to accept and use those so we can keep
it simple to start - I have a feeling that I may be into some custome stuff
down the road, and the road is long.

I will send along the project and pattern-plan I want to follow for this
program/project "Mission!" 

Talk soon,

David A, Smith

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Bruce Perens scripsit:

> There have been epic failures caused by copyright assignment       
> policies, notably "OpenOffice", which didn't get the developers it 
> should have,                                                       

I think there were other reasons for that; the copyright assignment policy
and other licensing troubles were just the cherry on top.

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