For Approval: The netX Public Lisense (in plain text)

Wilson, Andrew andrew.wilson at
Wed Oct 6 19:23:48 UTC 2010

Bruce Perens wrote:

>On 10/06/2010 09:46 AM, Josh Berkus wrote:
>> No sublicensing?  I'm pretty sure that's also a violation of open
>> source criteria.
>Licenses that prohibit sublicensing haven't been accepted by OSI. This
>particular language is a strategy for the intermediate distributors to
>avoid any patent encumberance.

Not sure about this.  Consider, for example, GPL.  When you use
GPL code, it is under license from the copyright owners, not from
anyone in the distribution chain.  All distributors have themselves
agreed to GPL with its patent provisions, but no sublicensing
has occurred, since this is forbidden by GPL (as Matt F. noted).

Andy Wilson
Intel open source technology center

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