MPL Beta 1

Bruce Perens bruce at
Tue Dec 7 19:32:55 UTC 2010

A short glance over the finding yields the fact that there was much in 
addition to a license, specifically an explicit permission letter 
addressed to the customer and giving permission for the particular 
application of the copyrighted material.

So, it's not at all clear that this finding is applicable.



On 12/07/2010 08:25 AM, John Cowan wrote:
> Alexander Terekhov scripsit:
>> ***) "The rights granted hereunder will terminate automatically if You
>> fail to comply with any terms herein. "
>> US Courts disagree.
>> "In addition, prior to the filing of the infringement suit, RT Graphics
>> never took affirmative steps to terminate the license which it had
>> granted.
> This may or may not be on all fours, because we don't know if the license
> in question contained explicit words of recission.  My guess would be that
> it did not.

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