Defenestrating the GPL (Section 11 of MPL 2)

Lawrence Rosen lrosen at
Wed Dec 1 19:17:08 UTC 2010


I've already moved this thread to a list that may care about it.

As for your request to the list moderators, may I remind you that this discussion relates to section 11 of the MPL. I changed the subject *only* because people were saying that my objections to the MPL were my way of destroying the GPL. That defense required a different thread.

But don't worry, there won't be more from me about this topic on this list. You can go back to sleep.


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> > If this continues, I will have to unsubscribe from license-review,
> > because it is no longer a list for reviewing licenses.
> Or, more concretely:
> I request that the list moderators moderate all messages for the next 2
> weeks, and reject any messages which do not discuss licenses being
> reviewed at the present time.
> --Josh

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