OT Discussions WAS: Defenestrating the GPL

Josh Berkus josh at postgresql.org
Wed Dec 1 19:08:27 UTC 2010

> Sorry, but what prevented you from simply plonking this entire
> "Defenestrating the GPL" thread right from the beginning of it? Would
> the "[OT]" designator in the subject help you to not become so
> frustrated?

This list is not a discussion list.  There is a separate
"license-discuss" list for those who wish to engage in water-cooler
arguments over the merits of various licenses.  I do not subscribe to
license-discuss for a reason.

I subscribed to this because after the issues with The PostgreSQL
License and issues with licensing for some of my clients, I felt that I
needed to follow and comment from a developer's perspective on various
licenses being proposed.  If this is to become a list for people to take
soapbox stands for or against various already-approved licenses, then I
will unsubscribe.

The OSS projects I work on do not permit political diatribes on
development mailing lists.  I see no reason why the OSI should be different.

Also, FYI, several other list subscribers have e-mailed me privately
agreeing that the off-topic discussions need to stop.  I'll ask them to
speak up here.

--Josh Berkus

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