Isodyn, software for the analysis of isotopic isomers distribution data

Chuck Swiger chuck at
Wed Sep 9 17:02:38 UTC 2009


On Sep 9, 2009, at 9:45 AM, vitaly wrote:
> we have developed software in C++ for the analysis of biological data
> obtained by mass spectrometry or nuclear magnetic resonance methods.  
> It
> evaluates intracellular metabolic fluxes simulating the dynamics of
> isotopic isomer distribution. Some steps of its development are
> documented in
> Bioinformatics,2006,22:2806-12. PMID: 17000750;
> Bioinformatics. 2005,21:3558-64.PMID: 16002431;
> Bioinformatics. 2004,20:3387-97.PMID: 15256408
> Now it is more advanced.
> What should I do to give it to the community as open source software  
> and
> to get the respective license?

Assuming you are the author & copyright owner of the software, you  
have the ability to license the software you've created under any  
terms which you believe are appropriate.  Just add a copyright  
statement and a mention that this software is licensed under the terms  
of _Licence_X_ to your documentation or README, and as a header to the  
start of all of your files, and then include the terms of the license  
with your source distribution as a separate file called LICENSE (or  
COPYING, or similar).

There's a list of widely used and popular licenses at:

You might consider those, or mention what your priorities and concerns  
are to gain more specific suggestions.  However, you should definitely  
also consult with the legal folks at your university to obtain their  
feedback-- I'm not a lawyer and am not qualified to give specific  
legal advice.  :-)


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