Request for Legacy Approval for the LaTeX Project Public Licence

Bruce Perens bruce at
Tue Sep 8 23:21:17 UTC 2009

I've never really had to flowchart a license. Until now. It's pretty 
complicated for what it does.


Will Robertson wrote:
> Dear all,
> This is a formal request to consider for review the LaTeX Project 
> Public License (LPPL) as an OSI-approved open source license. The LPPL 
> has been used for over ten years as the license for LaTeX itself and 
> the de facto license for most contributed LaTeX software.
> The current version of the license is v1.3c, located with historical 
> versions at the LaTeX Project website: 
> <>
> It has been recognised by debian-legal as following the Debian Free 
> Software Guidelines, following an extensive discussion circa 2002 and 
> a revision then of the license text: 
> <>
> It falls under the category "Licenses that are popular and widely used 
> or with strong communities". The majority of the code on Comprehensive 
> TeX Archive Network (CTAN, is licensed under the LPPL.
> Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.
> Will Robertson
> On behalf of the LaTeX3 Project Team

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