License Committee Report for September 2009

Russ Nelson nelson at
Wed Sep 2 15:21:53 UTC 2009

Giancarlo Niccolai writes:
 > sent with the submission I explained why I thought it is preferable to
 > stop the "custom license / GPL, but with my own uncontrolled/uncertified
 > exception" rage, and to offer a standardized license covering this
 > general need.

I believe it is wiser to wait until the need is made clear by having
many adopters of this language.  A GPL ... with modifications ... can
be consider as the GPL unless you particularly care about the extra
freedom.  Yet Another License needs to be understood in its totality.

 > Could you please clarify the sentence "but Giancarlo adds required
 > attribution above and beyond that required by the GPL" ?

A restriction saying "along with a general statement about the task
that the Work is performing in the Embedding Works;" is not in the GPL.

 > Finally; please notice that I proposed  to amend it as the committee
 > suggests. This includes renaming it.

Don't worry about the name of the license.  We let Microsoft put their
name in their licenses; why would we do any less for you?

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