status of OSI and review process

Thomas Lord dasht.tlord at
Wed Sep 2 02:17:34 UTC 2009

I notice that the board meeting minutes make mention of filing papers for
non-profit status in CA and that that matter is pending.  I notice via that the OSI's existence as a CA nonprofit
corporation is currently suspended, limiting OSI's legal right to act as a
legal entity.  Finally, I notice that OSI has not publicly acknowledged this
fact or informed petitioners for license approval of what to expect in the

As I understand this troublesome legal status, it is the kind of thing that
happens from time to time.  Homeowner associations in condominium and
planned community complexes are described as being frequent examples.  Most
of the time it is fixed with a bit of paperwork and catching up on past
filings and such.  I think it is a bit unusual for it to happen to an
organization of OSI's stature but, hey, stuff happens.

May we please have some explanation from OSI about the status and what, in
their view, we should expect in the future.   It seems peculiar for the
license approval process to be proceeding under this circumstance.


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