TGPPL, deterring licence proliferation by withholding the stamp of OSD-conformance

Bruce Perens bruce at
Sun Jan 25 02:37:53 UTC 2009

Russ Nelson wrote:
> The community expects us to not waste their time with frivolous
> licenses.  I feel strongly that the time of the people subscribed to
> license-review is valuable, is a contribution to the OSI directly, and
> the community indirectly, and should not be wasted by people who do
> not respect their efforts.
The board has total freedom to reject the license, and they should. 
Meanwhile, I am concerned that it looks as if it is your _personal_ 
action if you dally in psychoanalysis of the submitter rather than the 
submission while waiting for that to happen. Do the dignified thing and 
just get the board to say no, without further conversation.



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