WTFPL approval, please?

Russ Nelson nelson at
Fri Feb 27 02:55:42 UTC 2009

Makc writes:
 > This request is about WTFPL license, full text at

Mmmmm, no.

I appreciate the sentiment, just like I appreciate, and wear from time
to time, Jesse's t-shirt which says "Shut the Fuck Up and Write Some
Code," but I wouldn't wear it to a customer's site, nor would I
encourage anybody to use this license, particularly by approving of

Doesn't comply with the OSD because it requires that you change the
name before you can change the code.  The OSD doesn't allow you to
impose any restrictions prior to redistribution; no restrictions on
use have ever been tolerated.

Not to mention that it's incoherent; Yes, I fucking want to change the
fucking code without changing the fucking name, but the fucking
license doesn't fucking give me fucking permission even though it
fucking claims to, the fuckers.

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