WTFPL approval, please?

Makc makc.the.great at
Thu Feb 26 23:26:22 UTC 2009

Hello list,

This request is about WTFPL license, full text at

This license has made it to "version 2", and apparently fits in
"Legacy Approval" submission type - freshmeat has 9 projects listed
under this license (see ), I don't
know if it goes under "popular" proliferation by OSI standards (maybe
"misc" ?)

The reason why this license needs OSI approval (and also "Link to
earlier public discussions") can be seen at
- after two years of silence sourceforge suddenly denies me the right
to license my project under WTFPL... ha. Well, sourceforge registers
many new projects every day, and I believe that you guys just can't
allow the lack of OSI approval be used as an excuse to deny all that
project authors a right to use the license of their choise, can you.


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