For Approval: Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, v1.0

Thorsten Glaser tg at
Wed Feb 18 16:02:55 UTC 2009

Russ Nelson dixit:

>What happens when Microsoft decides that the MS-HUGELY-PROPRIETARY
>license is OSD-compliant?

What if it is? You all are human beings too and thusly can err.
In the end, OSD compliance is determined by the person wondering
if he can use said piece of work (or his lawyers). Besides, OSD
compliance affects a licence, whereas the OSI Certified Open
Source Software™ trademark affects pieces of work.

“It is inappropriate to require that a time represented as
 seconds since the Epoch precisely represent the number of
 seconds between the referenced time and the Epoch.”
	-- IEEE Std 1003.1b-1993 (POSIX) Section B.2.2.2

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