For Approval: IPA Font License v1.0

Bruce Perens bruce at
Fri Feb 20 01:16:38 UTC 2009

Hi Yuko,

yuko.noguchi at wrote:
> 1) The Recipient can re-distribute the modified version of the Licensed Program, only if such modified program accompanies a difference file from the original program.
> IPA understands Bruce's point regarding OSD#2 and the practicality he seeks, and have decided to allow distribution of the font file in a modified form.
> However, IPA still believes it very important to have a difference file so that recipient can see how the program was modified.
I would suggest "a difference file from the original program, or
information on how to get the difference file, either online or on
physical media for no more than the cost of postage, media, and handling."

The font could be embedded in a document, and embedding of difference
files is not something that the word processors do. Embedding the
difference file in each document that embeds the font would also inflate
the size of each document. Encoding a notice and URL in the font is much
more practical.

There are other potential space-critical uses of the font, for example
in embedded systems like a cell phone. Phone manufacturers would not be
happy about doubling the effective size of the font for license purposes

Many Thanks


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