For Approval: IPA Font License v1.0

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Fri Feb 20 00:23:17 UTC 2009

Dear Matt,

I will then re-draft the relevant clauses and will post to the ML.
I will also check in with IPA about the points you raised.

Thank you for your kind assistance,

Yuko Noguchi

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yuko.noguchi at wrote:
> 2) As an exception to the rule explained in 1) above, the Recipient do not need to provide the difference file if the modification is only a change of file format.

Exactly how does this work?  Say, for instance, I port a TTF font to
SVG.  Does that mean future modifications to the SVG never need a diff file?

> Let me know if it is better to send the revised draft of the license.

Yes, I think so.  That way there's no confusion.

Matt Flaschen

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