For Approval: IPA Font License v1.0

yuko.noguchi at yuko.noguchi at
Thu Feb 19 16:16:58 UTC 2009

Thank you all for your discussions.

After considering your points, IPA now would like to propose two revision to the draft license.  Before trying to re-draft the license, I would first like to explain the points to see whether such revision would help solve the problem. 
1) The Recipient can re-distribute the modified version of the Licensed Program, only if such modified program accompanies a difference file from the original program.
IPA understands Bruce's point regarding OSD#2 and the practicality he seeks, and have decided to allow distribution of the font file in a modified form.
However, IPA still believes it very important to have a difference file so that recipient can see how the program was modified.

2) As an exception to the rule explained in 1) above, the Recipient do not need to provide the difference file if the modification is only a change of file format.

Let me know if it is better to send the revised draft of the license.

Kind regards,

Yuko Noguchi

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