For Approval: Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, v1.0

zooko zooko at
Tue Feb 3 22:36:33 UTC 2009

On Jan 31, 2009, at 23:03 PM, Russ Nelson wrote:

> Ahhh, I see.  It's because licensee has the freedom to publish  
> without the waiver.


> Run your experiment, using the OSL and a waiver.

An experiment like this has already been run, by L. Peter Deutsch  
with the Ghostscript business.  There is a nice interview by Stig  

If anyone knows of other experiences like this, please let me know.

However, the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence experiment is not  
that one.  The TGPPL experiment attempts to encourage cooperative  
software development by allowing anyone in the world to re-use source  
code and distribute a proprietary derived work for up to twelve  
months, *provided* that they extend the same grant of rights,  
including the twelve month grace period, to everyone who uses their  
derived work, and everyone who uses derived derived works, etc,  

Please include the Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, v1.0, on  
the list of OSD-conformant software licences.


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