caGrid Open Source License For Legacy Approval

Russ Nelson nelson at
Tue Feb 3 02:39:32 UTC 2009

Justin Permar writes:
 > I would like to submit the caGrid License for legacy approval. You can find
 > our license at the following URL:

Legacy approval means that no new software should be licensed using
it.  Is that really what you want?

 > I recommend this license fall into the category of "Licenses that are
 > popular and widely used or with strong communities",

Legacy approval never goes into that category.

 > Please let me know If I can provide additional information to streamline the
 > approval process.

Have you asked the licensors if they are willing to re-license under
an existing license?  Have you explored the possibility of simply
releasing the software under an existing license with nearly identical
terms?  As a part-owner of a collective work, you have the legal
authority to license the software under any license you want, as long
as you compensate the other owners.  I'm sure we could find an existing
license whose terms are so close that no compensation would be due.

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