For approval: MXM Public license

Lawrence Rosen lrosen at
Fri Apr 10 19:47:25 UTC 2009

Luis Villa referred us to:

The following paragraph is from that page:

On the other hand, if you live in a country where the patents apply, or if
you are a distribution maker who sells your distribution in countries where
the patents apply, then you need the licensed binary from Fluendo. This of
course is no problem, but be aware that even if our binary is made from MIT
licensed source code the resulting binary combined with our license is not
free software, at least not GPL-compatible. This means that if you ship
GStreamer with our binary mp3 plug-in, you need to be sure that you don't
ship any GPL-licensed plug-ins that could end up being used together with
the mp3 plug-in, as this would violate the GPL. And you don't want to
violate the GPL. You also need to make sure you don't ship any GPL-licensed
players which would use this plug-in.

What does the sentence starting "This means that..." actually mean? Is it
accurate when it says that can't "use together" the GPL-licensed plug-ins
with this patented mp3 plug-in?

I think it is bull, and totally irrelevant to the MXM Public License.


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> >  > > If anybody thought that the BSD *didn't* come with an implicit
> patent
> >  > > license, then somebody would have at least *asserted* "You have no
> >  > > patent license".  And yet nobody has.
> >  >
> >  > It was, indeed.  Less than five minutes of googling.
> >
> > Hrm.  I didn't mean that someone was bloviating about the BSD.
> > There's been plenty of that.  I meant that I've never heard of anybody
> > who said "Here is this patent-encumbered code licensed under the BSD
> > license for which I am not granting you a license".
> s/BSD/MIT/
> s/am not/cannot/
> Luis

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