License Committee Report for April 2009

Alon von Bismark at
Thu Apr 2 20:31:24 UTC 2009

2009/4/2 Rick Moen <rick at>:
> Quoting Alon von Bismark ( at
>> The context:
> As previously discussed, this would-be licence is defectively
> constructed, its wording making no reference to a covered work and thus,

also makes no reference to "a covered work" (other than using a word "works").

> apparently, granting certain rights to the licence itself, only, and not
> to anything else.  Thus, it OSD merits as yet another cruddy permissive
> licence with warranty problems ...

Do a google/yahoo/msn search for "Gewährleistung" and "Garantie".


[more illiteracy sniped]



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