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Sebastian Kruk sebastian.kruk at
Tue Sep 2 16:08:13 UTC 2008

Thanks - this answers my question.

I think we will choose AGPL (or QT - based on what our lawyer will  
say) + this disclaimer ..

Thank you all once again.


On Sep 2, 2008, at 16:52 , Bruce Perens wrote:

> Sebastian Kruk wrote:
>> The idea is to "ask" people installing our software not to turn off  
>> replication (one or both ways - this is still to be discussed)  
>> code. I have heard that this is how Magnolia is going to open- 
>> source themselves as well.
> You can "request but not compel" anything you like. It is generally  
> phrased "We request that as a courtesy to the initial developer that  
> you ..." In general, these requests should be separate from the  
> license, although they can be in the same file and can be stated  
> before the license, and they should be clearly phrased as requests.  
> You should use an already-accepted license for simplicity. And you  
> should run all of this by your own lawyer, for your protection.  
> Although some of the folks on this list are attorneys (not me), they  
> aren't your attorney.
>     Thanks
>     Bruce

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