question before attempting an update on AFL

Rick Moen rick at
Thu Oct 30 03:47:27 UTC 2008

Quoting Bruce Perens (bruce at

> Russ has been pretty clear that the OSI board is not out to repeat old 
> mistakes with only the justification that they were approved before. The 
> BSD clause mentioned is in a deprecated version of the license.

Indeed, we've seen entirely too much of "I found $DUMB_IDEA implemented
in an extant OSI-approved licence, so I'm {submitting|talking about}
a new licence perpetuating that error in new areas" -- where $DUMB_IDEA
is almost always some form of mandatory runtime advertising that is 
then justified by calling it "attribution" and implying that such
wording makes it automatically OK.  

My larger point, though, is that the current question isn't even a
licence submission, and is on the wrong mailing list.

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