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Cengiz Gunay cgunay at
Wed Oct 29 22:35:34 UTC 2008


I am an open-source program developer working in Academia. I have been 
using the Academic Free License 3.0 for an open source toolbox I authored. 
But now I need something that AFAIK none of the existing OSI licenses 
offer: an obligation to cite one of my scientific publications about the 
toolbox in publications resulting from the use of my toolbox.

This is a form of attribution, but so far all the attribution notices I 
saw were either specific to opening a splash screen in a software or 
keeping a attribution preamble within the source code. What I need, I 
believe, is a completely separate concept than these. Therefore, I thought 
I should add an optional clause to AFL 3.0 and post it here.

My questions to you are: 

1) Are you aware of an existing open-source license I could use rather 
   than modifying AFL? Specifically, if the attribution clause of a 
   license is vague enough, maybe I could specify my attribution terms in 
   the copyright statement.

2) Would you be willing to consider an update to AFL?

3) If you're ok with an update, what would be the best way to implement 
   this? To leave the license as simple as possible, for instance I could 
   specify that there's an additional, optional "attribution condition"  
   enclosed with the source code to which the licensee has to adhere. I 
   guess first I need to legally define the works or publications 
   resulting from the use of my software.

Thanks for your attention,
Cengiz Gunay
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